Johnny's Redunacy Dream
I dream I was made redundudant, at fifty years of age
With 69 & a half weeks pay at 100 average wage,
add another 200%, a pension and lump sum
I'll spend the rest of my life at the bar drinking rum.

But my thoughts awaken me, my mind is filled with pain.
It's a bad dream I'm dreaming, It's back to work again
The first years alright, earnings related and the dole.
Then no supplementary benefits and I'll have to buy my coal.

Oh I'm pleased I've wakened up and listened to advice.
A job's worth all that redundancy, no matter what the price.
I'm glad I'm back at the Pit, may long those wheels roll.
All I want is a wage and a load of lovely coal.

Written by Joe Rayner - 22/7/81
First round of redundancies at Bearpark were taken around this time.

Thanks to Marion Wilson nee Cummings for donating this poem.

• A Mining World - The Story of Bearpark, County Durham - Douglas Pocock - 1985
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